Ham Sandwich Theorem for Polygons

Author Credit: 
Matthew Junge

The Ham Sandwich theorem guarantees that given two polygons in the plane there exists a line which simultaneously bisects the area of each polygon. This interact allows one to input polygons as a vertex set of 2-tuples and then give an approximation to the bisecting line within a specified error bound.



Testing permissions.

It seems like the line for polygon 1: (1,-2) (2,2) (4,-1)  (6,5)  (-1,-30) and polygon 2: (-1,-1) (-2,-2)  (-5,-1/2)   (-5,-8) (-4,-3)  (-3,-7) (-5/2,-2) (-2,-6) (0,-1) and error: 0.0661322645290582 does not bisect one of the polygons.